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- Free Texting via Internet
- Free texting or SMS to mobile phones.

BlogGuza allows you the management of free texting or SMS from your computer. What you should do?
- go to the dialpad
- type or enter the phone number
- type in (or copy from somewhere) the text
- press "Send" button.
Your text will be sent without any charge. You should only ensure that your internet connection is doing well and you possess a web browser to use FreeText. Even the status of your sent message can be immediately checked via BlogGuza.


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BlogGuza: Steps

1- Go to

1- Enter

Open your browser (preferably Chrome, but any others do it also well) and go to The only thing you need is the internet connection.

2- Enter phone number

2- Put the Phone Number

Do you see a dialpad upon entering our website? Fine, use it! First select the country from our list of countries you want to send free text to and compose your text message. However, ensure yourself about typing the correct phone number in international dialing format.

3- Click on Send

3- Press "Send"

Is the phone number you typed correct? Is the message ready to send? Then you only need to click on "Send". In a few seconds we will transfer your text or SMS to the desired destination. You will definitely be able to check the status of your sent text immediately afterwards.

Texting Free of Charge Today Using Your Computer

Send a text using internet

You want to send text messages without paying anything? It is now possible! Short text messages are the most useful task in everydays life communication. This kind of messages is proven to remain the mostly viewed and quickly answered in comparison to other form of communication including e-mail. This is the reason why we concentrate on text messages which are the most important and urgent communication way between friends and family. Having apps and services such as WhatsApp and Viber make life easier, however, just simple SMS and texting is still alive and the interest for using them is growing. Our goal is to introduce you a free-of-charge panel that allows everyone to text friends and family. So here it is: BlogGuza! Send your free text now and grow your own experience with us.


Is BlogGuza appropriate for sending a large number of text messages for business purposes?

Unfortunately, no! There is a limitation for the usage of BlogGuza. In the case you are a business owner or a marketing company willing to send hundreds or thousands of texts to your customer, please do NOT use BlogGuza. Out platform BlogGuza is designed to quickly send important personal messages to their friends and family for free.

What is the difference between BlogGuza and WhatsApp?

BlogGuza is the tool allowing you the transfer of your text messages to any mobile phone number around the world. The recipient does not need to be on; no additional apps to receive the message are required. Standard texting protocols are used to make sure all text messages sent via BlogGuza are delivered instantly.

Why BlogGuza is the Best Texting App?

Free text messaging

Instant Delivery

We create an SMS communication infrastructure that is capable of delivering the text messages to any mobile phones within seconds. You can immediately see the status of the SMS after it has been sent. Waiting time is zero.

Free text message delivery

Reliable Delivery

Our app is very simple. You don’t need to put your personal information for send free texts using BlogGuza. We do not require any registration at all.

free texting app

Zero cost

BlogGuza is completely free of charge. No payment is needed. No personal information needed. Just free texts and nothing additional.