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BlogGuza Free Texting App


BlogGuza is the world's first free texting app that is fully web browser based. No additional downloads are needed. Simply open your browser, go to and start sending free text messages to your friends and family members. Try our service today and be surprised how fast and simple we are!


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Sending Steps

  1. 1. Connect to the internet and open your browser. Go to
  2. 2. Enter the mobile number in the correct international dialing format.
  3. 3. Press “Send”.

Connection to mobile providers

Our partnership with thousands of mobile operators enables us sending free text messages. We are always trying to create a more open world by this app. We hope you make your own experience with our service and share it with your friends.

Free texting is open for everyone

Are still wondering why we are really for free? Do you still have any doubts? Don’t wait longer, just go ahead and try us, since BlogGuza is world's first platform that enables free texting to all carriers.